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The Baby Sensory Mobiles we distribute from Lemon and Rylee, come in a range of themes, fostering various colours, shapes, and patterns.

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Shop our range of Baby High Contrast Sensory Mobiles in a broad range of designs.

Bear ‘Themed’ Baby Sensory Mobiles

Fostering visual and cognitive growth, the Bear-themed High Contrast Sensory Mobile for babies, is designed to captivate your baby’s developing eyesight with its striking blue, red, black, and white colours. These bold contrasts are ideal for newborns who can only perceive light and dark shades, aiding in the strengthening of their eye muscles and brain coordination. As your baby focuses on the bear’s detailed design, they’ll engage in visual exploration, laying out the foundation for future cognitive development.

Lemon and Rylee Baby Sensory Mobiles Bear
Lemon and Rylee Baby Sensory Mobiles Cactus

Cactus ‘Themed’ Baby Sensory Mobiles

Llama ‘Themed’ Baby Sensory Mobiles

Lemon and Rylee Baby Sensory Mobiles Llama
Lemon and Rylee Baby Sensory Mobiles Strawberry

Strawberry ‘Themed’ Baby Sensory Mobiles

Stimulating early colour recognition, the strawberry-themed High Contrast Sensory Mobile for babies is designed with contrasting colours and bold patterns to support the initial stages of your baby’s vision development. With red being one the first colours infants can perceive, this toy’s bright red accents capture their attention, encouraging longer periods of visual engagement. The strawberry’s distinctive design helps in the development of eye muscle control and coordination, making it a delightful and educational addition to your baby’s sensory playtime.