Manual Silicone Milk Collectors and Catchers

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 Bella Pump

Introducing the Bella Pump, a revolutionary solution designed to make breastfeeding easier and more efficient for busy moms. With a generous capacity of 90ml, this hands-free milk pump allows you to effortlessly collect milk while nursing your baby, saving both time and effort.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, this milk collector is gentle on the skin and safe for both mom and baby. Its soft and flexible design conforms to your body for a comfortable fit, ensuring a secure seal without causing discomfort or irritation.

Say goodbye to messy spills and wasted milk – the innovative design of this milk catching pump prevents leaks and overflow, giving you peace of mind while you focus on bonding with your little one.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, this compact and portable pump is the perfect companion for breastfeeding moms everywhere.

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Product Information
Length10.49 cm
Width9.98 cm
Depth3.98 cm
Capacity90 ml

Instruction Guide for successfully using your Bella Pump.

4 Simple Steps for the Tightest Suction:

Step 1: Pull back the flange ‘head’ of the Bella Pump.

Step 2: With the flange still pulled back, use one hand to squeeze all the air out. Then, position the opening over your nipple, against the skin, while ensuring that the pointed part of the opening is at the top.

Step 3: Still squeezing, pop the flange back to its original position, sealing over your breast.

Step 4: Release the body to create a vacuum.

How to create suction with the lid:

  • Attach the lid to the pump, ensuring that the sides of the pump are all ‘tucked away’ into the lid.
  • Gently squeeze the pump, being careful not to spill the milk which is inside the pump.
  • Release your hold on the pump and it will be sealed.

Cleaning & Sterilising the Breast Pump:


The Bella Breast Pump is made from 100% food grade silicone and is also BPA and PVC Free. Furthermore, silicone is a porous material. Hence, to prevent the buildup of sticky, fatty breastmilk on the silicone which will influence the way in which the pump sticks to you, it’s strongly advised that you thoroughly wash your pump with ‘Sunlight Liquid’, a bottle brush, and warm water after each use. Rinse well after washing.


The Bella Pump is Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

We recommend:

  1. Boiling it in water,
  2. Sterilising it using a Microwave Sterilising Container, or
  3. Using an Electronic Steam Steriliser.

Warning: DO NOT soak the Bella Pump in a chemical solution, as this can discolour the silicone and shorten its lifespan.


How long can breastmilk be stored?

  • Room Temperature – 4 hours
  • Refrigerator – 4 days
  • Standing Freezer – 6 months
  • Chest Freezer – 12 months

Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby for a long period of time?

If so, invest in one or more of the following milk storage options, instead of using bottles or other available storage containers:

  • Disposable milk bags with snip-off sprouts
  • Reusable milk bags
  • Silicone or BPA-free plastic containers
  • Glass bottles

Important: All containers must be sterilised before use and all storage options must be dated to use the oldest milk first.

Comes in a Convenient Bag for Convenience

The Bella Pump now comes in a Bella Bag for moms seeking convenience, versatility, and peace of mind.

The Bag not only offers a seamless storage and carrying solution for your breastfeeding essentials, but also for your baby’s other must-haves, which are beneficial to keep safe, but within reach on-the-go i.e., pacifier/dummy, snacks, etc.


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