Soli Deo Gloria Bella Services

How can we help you?

  • Ante-Natal, CPR & First Aid, and Nanny Classes/Courses & Guest Speaking
  • Nursing/Midwife Childbirth & Well-Being Education & Support
  • Immunisations, Breastfeeding, & Postnatal Consultations
  • Charity First-Aid Training

Professional/Registered Nurse/Midwife and Child Birth Educator

In addition to the classes I offer, I am also available for consultations and guest speaking. I give back to my community with charity first-aid training.

Postnatal Support

Postnatal Support is just as important as Ante-Natal Support. We offer support to aid an optimal routine, a good night’s rest, and succeeding in newly found roles i.e., mother and father. Nothing is off the table! We’re here to help with emotional and physical relationships (husband and wife), reasons for divorce, and ways to make your relationship bulletproof.

Well-baby Clinic

At our clinics (in Groenkloof and at Mediclinic Kloof) we offer paediatric support relating to an unwell baby, immunization, basic first aid, and the development of milestones and stimulation.

Nutrition & Supplements

Adéle’s postgraduate in Paediatric Nutrition focused on Paediatric Nursing from Boston University School of Medicine, enables us to confidently offer advice and support in relation to optimal Child Nutrition.

Looking for an Ante-Natal class?

This is Adéle’s specialty!

She offers a fabulous ante-natal class that will teach you exactly what to expect – Not like the movies, where you just do breathing exercises…

The class covers what to expect during labour, birth, and the postpartum period; comfort measures during labour; how a labour partner can provide support; what to expect if complications arise; baby care; and so much more!

You will go through possible emergency scenarios as well as foetal stimulation, offered by the well-known Practica Group.

And to top it off, it includes lunch and refreshments.

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