Tummies Full of Love

Home-made meals, lovingly created with your little ones in mind, from 6 months to toddlerhood, has never been this easy.

Each meal is deliciously cooked with care, offering a convenient and nutritional solution. The frozen meals introduce your child to a variety of flavours and textures from an early age, expanding their palate and encouraging healthy eating habits as they grow.

Available for Collection ONLY, Free of Charge

Due to the nature of the baby and toddler food range and the challenge associated with courier delivery, these meals are available exclusively for collection at no extra charge.


 To explore our available variety packs and to place an order, simply WhatsApp us on 066 296 3382. Pricing varies depending on the pack, so we encourage you to contact us directly for detailed pricing information.

Always have Nutritious Option at hand for your Child

From your baby’s first bites through to their big kid years, we make healthy, delicious meals and snack times easy.

Contact us for more information on or to place an order for one or more of our Baby and Toddler Food Packs, available in vegetable and fruit flavours.