About Adéle

I walk a journey with you!

Sr Adele de Beer with baby

Adéle de Beer

Adéle de Beer is an experienced Nurse and Midwife with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.

She is skilled in Midwifery, Primary Care Nursing, School Nursing, Immunization, and Paediatrics.

She’s a strong healthcare services professional with a Postgraduate in Paediatric Nutrition focused on Paediatric Nursing, from Boston University School of Medicine.

Why trust Adéle with your Baby or Child’s wellbeing?

Adéle is a professional:

Looking for an Ante-Natal class?

This is Adéle’s specialty!

She offers a fabulous ante-natal class that will teach you exactly what to expect – Not like the movies, where you just do breathing exercises…

The class covers what to expect during labour, birth, and the postpartum period; comfort measures during labour; how a labour partner can provide support; what to expect if complications arise; baby care; and so much more!

You will go through possible emergency scenarios as well as foetal stimulation, offered by the well-known Practica Group.

And to top it off, it includes lunch and refreshments.

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